The Sydney University Lions National League team began their 2015 campaign on Saturday in Newcastle.

With 2 wins against the Hunter Hurricanes and a hard fought win against the Freemantle Mariners on Tuesday night they have made a perfect start to the season.

They will be looking to make it 4 from 4 in the second game against Freemantle Mariners on Friday night 8.30pm at the Sydney University pool.

This year the Lions have 2 imports joining the team, Goran Tomasevic (Centerforward) and Michael Rosenthal (Driver). Both players have most recently been playing in USA.

Look out for some player photos and short biography’s coming soon.


1       Anthony Hrysanthos

2        Goran Tomasevic

3        Trent Franklin

4        Scott Nicholson

5        Chris Dyson

6       Clayton Whittaker

7       Luke Northcott

8       Chaz Poot

9        Michael Rosenthal

10      Tom Kearns

11      Johnno Cotterill

12     Jeremy Davie

13     Tom McJannett

14     Wil Cotterill

15     Cody Ingram

16    James Butcher

18    Andrew Cameron

19    Harry Shaw

22    Nathan Cargill

Coach Dusan Kristic

Manager Merillee Poot