What’s Happening with our Under 14’s

By Lindsay Cotterill, U14’s Age Co-Ordinator.

While most clubs are struggling to fill teams in winter we find ourselves in the amazing situation that we have the largest registered age group in Australian water polo history. The 59 boys record was held by city beach in WA and Sydney university has 75 boys registered.

As you can imagine this presents many challenges.

1. Getting coaches and Managers

2. Grading teams

3. Organising training sessions

4. Finding pool space

5. Managing unforseen hiccups

The list goes on and on.

As the age group coordinator I would like to say to everyone that our kids are blessed to find themselves in the environment that our club offers. To everyone, parents, coaches, club officials and managers your help and energy has been the foundation for the boy’s development to date.

The question is where to from here?


1. Dudi our National League and Club Coach is coming to train our boys for the big events of the future - Summer Comp, State and National Championships.

2. In 3 weeks some of our boys are off to the USA for the USC California training Camp.

3. In 2016 Syd Uni is sending born 2002 and born 2000 teams to the Pan Pacs- the biggest water polo event in the world- over 200 teams.

4. The second round of the SuperApe Cup is on at Syd Uni on Friday 12th June for 2002s and younger.

5. The Winter Bear Cup will kick off for all the 2001 boys after the holidays

6. And of course our Sunday night games

7. Plus Tournaments scheduled in Balmain, Canberra and at SU

Lots happening and some amazing futures to look forward to and prepare for.

What can the boys do to help our age group go from strength to strength?

1. It’s a prerequisite to do some external swim training, at least twice a week.

2. Attend as many training sessions as possible to improve their skills.

3. Not overthink how they are playing but rather enjoy playing in the team they are in.

Finally our club is a family business where everyone needs to look for ways to make things better for the boys.

At present signs indicate we may well win the Australian Business of the Year Award

Thanks to everyone for your patience, help and energy

If you have any ideas or want to present something new just let me know