The new 2015/16 water polo season is upon us!!  What an amazing 2014/15 season capped with many highlights including another Sydney Metropolitan Summer Club Championship, a stunning 2nd in National League, victory over tournament winning Radnicki at the World WP Challenge, victory in the Australian University Games, 2nd in the State U20s, 5th in U18 Nationals (only beaten by Gold and Silver medallists), 2nd in the State U14s and 4th in U14 Nationals and victory in the Balmain U12s Competition.

As we look to kick off the 2015/16 water polo season, the Sydney University Men’s Water Polo Club (SUMWP or Club) Executive Committee (EC) and Coaching Team have been busy trying to get everything in order.  We thought it worthwhile writing to you all to give you some guidance of what we are seeking to put in place and explain some of our thoughts on what we are trying to achieve at SUMWP.

Your SUMWP Executive Committee


·         President – Antony Green

·         Vice President – James Young

·         Vice President – John Cotterill

·         Club Captain – DJ Carrick

·         Club Captain – Scott Nicholson

·         Junior Club Captain – Tom McJannett

·         Treasurer – Greg Turner

·         Publicity – Ross Ingram

·         Registrar – Neil O’Shea

·         Secretary – Merillee Poot

·         North Shore Rep – Robert Trobec

·         Referee Co-ordinator - Paul McJannett

·         Coaching Director – Dusan Kristc

·         Operations Manager - Ian Trent



SUMWP seeks to cater for all levels of water polo participation from the elite of the Australian National League, participation in all grades of the Sydney Metropolitan Competition from the junior program with U12- U18s and senior grades M1-M7 and Inter-Varsity University competition.  We try to cater for all those who wish to play water polo in a competitive environment and provide a pathway through the grades for those seeking to play at the highest level and those who want to participate in water polo as a life sport.  We are a Sydney University Club that has a long tradition in all these competitions and has the benefits of being a member of Sydney University Sports & Fitness (SUSF).     


We have incorporated numerous initiatives over the past few years including:

 Establishing our first paid executives

o   Dusan “Dudi” Krstic – Coaching Director and National League Coach

o   Ian “Mini” Trent – Operations Manager (Men’s and Women’s Clubs)

·         Growing our facilities and expanding our program

o   Organised and co-ordinated coaching program

o   Three pool bases – SU, Knox and Newington

o   Age co-ordinators in our junior club

o   Academy Development Squad

·         Increased spend on equipment and pool training set up

·         Established a SUMWP U13 Tournament – first year set for Knox 21-23 Sept

·         Regular media – website and facebook information (

·         Annual Blue & Gold Waterpolo Lunch – 4 Sept at Ivy

·         Tour opportunities – USC California Training Camp and NZ Pan-Pacs

It is important for all members to understand that the running of SUMWP is not a profit making exercise. Registration fees in NO WAY cover the cost of running the Club. Everyone except our two paid executives are volunteers including all members of the EC,  coaches, managers and age co-ordinators. Everyone is doing their best to provide a great environment to play water polo.  If you do have any questions, issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to raise it with your manager, age co-ordinator or a member of the EC.  We will do our best to see what we can do or improvements we can make.   We thank all those who contribute their time and effort to the Club.

We want to create an environment where teammates will play together for the Lions as mates for many many years!


Club Finances

Each year the Club runs at a deficit and the income we generate predominantly from registration fees in no way covers the costs of running the Club.  This deficit estimate for the 2015/16 year is considerable in part due to an extended National League season with more away trips to accommodate the Australian Men’s Olympic team preparations

Despite this, the good news is the Club’s finances are in a good position and sit with a current positive balance of funds that can cater for next year’s deficit.  But members should be aware this is due to the significant generosity of sponsors and donations made over several years by a select few friends of the Club. Without such contributions, the Club would be in significant deficit.  These contributions can never be taken for granted that they will be recurrent.

SUMWP has the distinct advantage over many Australian water polo clubs by being associated with Sydney University and SUSF.  The Club is a beneficiary of being part of Sydney University and has a head start that other clubs just do not have. Each year SUSF contributes an annual allotmentto our Club.  Part of the allotment is on the basis we participate in the National League as SUSF expects that the Club plays at the most elite level in Australia.  In addition to this cash contribution, SUSF also provide many other benefits for us including usage of the SU Pool free of charge, assistance with contributions to our executive staff costs, training  and work place, assistance with Sydney University students who are club members with both financial scholarships, access to the SUSF elite athlete scholarship program and funding for our Inter-Varsity team, provision of high-performance gym passes to our senior squad and assistance co-ordinating our major fund raiser – the “Blue & Gold” lunch. Many of these contributions are invaluable.  SUSF is one of Australia’s most prestigious sporting organisations. For our junior boys, the association with Sydney University should not be taken for granted in that it may be relevant that the boys have already built up a relationship and are known to Sydney University come their time to go to university. It is an ideal that our boys can come through the grades and go on to represent Sydney University at Inter-Varsity and National League levels.   

The major sources of income each year are:

·         Registrations – 2014/15 had about 250 registered members

·         Sydney University SUSF allotment-

·         “Blue & Gold” Lunch fundraiser

The major cost items each year are:

·         Executive staff – Coaching Director and Operations Manager

·         Registration costs – payments to WPNSW, WP Australia and SUSF membership

·         Sydney Metropolitan competition entries and referees fees

·         National Titles competition entries and costs – the policy is the Club pays for State Titles team entries and not National Titles team entries

·         Australian National League competition entries and costs – we are one of the very few Clubs that fund the costs of National League for all our players

·         Pool Hire for training – Knox an Newington

·         Coaching – discretionary payments to seek where we can to assist volunteer coaches with reimbursement of some costs

·         Equipment – goals, caps, balls, training equipment etc

If any members have any ideas on other sources of income including sponsors, we’d love to hear about it.  Once again, many thanks to those generous donors and sponsors.


 Registration Fees

The purpose of setting out the detail of our finances is that the EC would like members to understand what they “get” for being a member of the Club and paying their registration fees. Looking at the list of major cost items above, hopefully members understand they are being provided with an environment where members can play and train with organising coaching for junior and senior higher grades.  Members are part of a Club that provides an elite pathway with a coaching program and access to facilities which are second to none.

Each year we need to set our registration fees. We take a lot of care and put research into setting these fees including comparing to other water polo and sport clubs. Also importantly, we are focussed on bringing our income and costs into line on a sustainable basis without reliance on generous sponsors and donations.  Accordingly, we have increased registration fees this year but hopefully not to excessive levels and still below our peer clubs.  Trying to assist families with multiple boys registered, we have also incorporating a new $100 discount per each sibling registered after the first child has registered.  All members of the Club pay their registration fees with the only exception for players in the senior Australian Men’s National team and imports that we sponsor for National League.

How to Register

The Sydney Metropolitan Competition starts Saturday, 10 October 2015.  We are entering the following 15 teams in the Sydney Metropolitan Competition this summer season: M1, M2 x2, M3, M4, M5, M18 x 2, M16A, M16B x 3, M14A x 2, M14B. 

We will also be entering other events including National League, Syd Uni U13 Tournament, Canberra Cup, Balmain and State U12 Tournaments and numerous Age State and National Championship teams.  National League kicks off Thursday, 19 November 2015. 

“No pay, no play” is the policy – the worst is hurting your team mates getting your team forfeited for not being registered.

Registration is now open and is done electronically via Sporting Pulse. Just hit on this link to Sporting Pulse and follow the instructions and select the appropriate Registration Category explained above and pay.


 Teams, Coaches, Managers, Age Co-ordinators and Training Times

Much of this is in train and you should have already received information about trials and training.  If you have not or feel you are not on distribution lists, please contact Ian Trent [email:]

We are finalising our volunteer coaches, managers and age co-ordinators and training schedules. These will be circulated soon with all contact details. It is really helpful to have our registrations in as soon as possible so we can structure teams and team entries.

Go Lions


Antony “Greeny” Green

President– Sydney University Men’s Water Polo Club