Registration Instructions for the 2015-2016 Season


1 No registrations or payments will be accepted in person or at Sydney Uni Pool. All registrations and payments must be done on-line following the link below.

2 If you are registering with SULMWPC for the first time and you have previously played with another club in Australia then you will need a Transfer Clearance from your previous club. Please email our Registrar for more information as they may be able to carry out the Transfer Clearance process for you [Neil O’Shea].

If a junior player also plays in a senior team (eg M3 etc) they only need to register as a junior; an additional senior registration is NOT required.

To register go to follow the instructions

There are 7 possible registration categories/options in the on-line registration process so please ensure that you select the correct one.

One of the options available for junior players is to split the registration into summer only and then register again next year for winter only; however a full year registration is cheaper.