Sydney University Men’s Water Polo Club Fred Mayer SU Men’s Water Polo Scholarship



 The Sydney University Men’s Water Polo Club would like to thank the Mayer family for their generous support to our Club by way of a $5,000 a year donation in perpetuity to fund the Fred Mayer SU Men’s Water Polo Scholarship.

The Fred Mayer Scholarship will honor a man who spent so much time and money supporting the sport of water polo and will reflect Fred’s sentiments - “Everyone’s a mate”.

Fred Mayer immigrated to Australia from Hungary in 1950 and started an importing company, F Mayer Imports, which flourishes to this day. Fred started his business in a garage in Bondi and the company is now based at Banksmeadow (Sydney) and Altona (Melbourne).

“When arriving in Sydney we found a holiday flat to lease at Bondi which was where I joined the North Bondi Surf Club and re-established my lifelong involvement with playing water polo. I had started playing water polo when living in Johannesburg and over the two years playing in competitions there I had quite polished skills at that sport,” Fred told the Migration Heritage Centre in chronicling his personal history.




Fred started his water polo in Australia with the Bondi Club and eventually becoming a highly active member of the Sydney University Men’s Club for many years.  Fred was also a regular at the Men’s and Women’s Club’s Saturday morning all in scrimmage.  Fred’s boys Sammy and Robbie played with the Club and Sammy still features in SU’s mighty M6 team. Fred’s last competitive game of water polo was at an age of 70 winning the Sydney Metropolitan M5 Championships Grand Final alongside his boys and in which the Mayer family contributed 8 goals to the victory – 4 each to the boys and none to Freddy!!

The Fred Mayer Scholarship for Sydney University Men’s Water Polo Club is in addition to another perpetual scholarship with Water Polo NSW. The Scholarship will be set up to provide equality of opportunity to young Lions in the pursuit of their goals and to assist participation in Club and representative tours and tournaments and to have great experiences through water polo.

Fred loved the game of water polo. “Fred might not of played water polo at the highest level but no one has achieved more pleasure playing, watching or talking about water polo”. (Sammy Mayer).




§  To provide equality of opportunity to those who need assistance in the pursuit of their goals and assist young Lions achieve great experiences through water polo


§  Junior Club Member(s) with a track record of dedication to the Club and the sport of water polo

§  Legitimate and demonstrated financial need

 Annual contribution to be made available to SU Men’s Lions player(s):

§  $5,000 annual contribution to the SU Men’s Water Polo Club

 Criteria to be considered by SU Club Executive Committee:

§  How have you demonstrated commitment to SU Lions and water polo

§  Financial / personal challenges

§  How will a scholarship assist you

§  Previous or current sponsorship or funding



For more details, please contact the Club Secretary on or your team Coach or Manager