Registration Instructions



1 No registrations or payments will be accepted in person or at the Sydney Uni Pool. All registrations and payments must be done on-line following the link(s) below.

2 If you are registering with SUMWPC (the Lions) as a player for the first time since you previously played with another club anywhere in Australia then you will need a Transfer Clearance Approval from your previous club. Please email our Registrar, Neil O’Shea, for more information as he can carry out the Transfer Clearance Approval process for you. [].

3 There are 2 possible registration categories/options for Senior players and 12for Junior players so please ensure that you select the correct one.

4 Registration Categories for Senior players are as follows:

·Senior = M1 - M6 playing Metro Comp.

·Senior (Student at SU) = M1 - M6 playing Metro Comp entitled to a discount for students currently enrolled and studying at Sydney University.

5 If a junior player also plays in a senior team (eg M3-M4-M5 etc) they only need to register as a Junior; an additional senior registration is NOT required.

6 When registering please click the 3rd option – REGISTERING FOR THE FIRST TIME – so we can then obtain all your current details.

7 On the second page of information required from you please scroll down the page to the items with a “star”/asterisk as they are the only compulsory items of extra information needed.

8 It is a requirement that all registered playing members of the club wear the club's uniform of T-Shirt & shorts to and from games and Sydney University Men’s Water Polo swimmers during games. Should you require any of these items please email with your orders.


JUNIOR PLAYERS - To register click “HERE” and follow the instructions


SENIOR PLAYERS - To register click “HERE” and follow the instructions


VOLUNTEERS (Coaches, Managers and EC members) – To register click “HERE